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More (or less) useful informationen from and (soon) about me, for now in no given order.
Since I'm not sure when I'll get around to creating a decent "about me" page, there is already some information on LinkedIn, OpenBC/Xing or Spock. And to all you facebook addicts out there: you can find of course find me there as well.


Well - sooner or later it had to happen, I actually started blogging and even if I have been quite lazy over the couple of week this usually at least gives some info about what I've been up to.
Feel free to leave a comments whereever you see fits... :)


Ever heard about Echelon? Not funny. Combine this with the fact that Google and friends know a lot more about you than you think and that there still is the patriot act. Even less funny. Short - I really think that "privacy is not a feature" and thus: if you want to drop me a line, please feel free to do so (if you're not a spammer that is) and of course to also use my current public key for encryption.
You can use e.g. GnuPG to do so and since there's a number of little handy tools for about any major mail client (including Enigmail for Mozilla's Thunderbird and even a Firefox extension for GMail users), using it is far from being as complicated as rumor has it.


Content is king, they say. So here you go, photos along with a short summary of my trip to London (in late April 2007).

The Thing about Browsers:

To all of you who still use IE: bad idea. Not only is it at best poor quality software, but also the definition of a security problem, although our friends at MS do of course disagree. At least it looks like I'm not the only one whom their Mickeymouse approach to security strikes as a bit odd.
Anyway - if you still don't have Firefox installed you are welcome to change this using this button:
Get Firefox
While we're at it: a little something for those of you who also use the livehttpheaders extension add-on on a Mac

For completeness sake (and to make yellow addict M@ik happy) I shouldn't fail to mention that there are of course plenty more alternative browsers, e.g. Opera is also worth a look

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